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Contraception Matters

Jan. 27, 2018 9 a.m. - 1 p.m.

  • MediConf
  • John Innes Centre Norwich NR4 7UH
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  • Women's Health GP Seminar on Contraception by the renowned Professor John Guillebot Topics Include HORMONAL CONTRACEPTIVES: combined and progestogen-only LONG-ACTING REVERSIBLE CONTRACEPTIVES (LARCS - implants, injectables & intrauterine contraceptives) LARCs are almost never not the most effective contraceptives – for teenagers or older couples, educated or uneducated, developing or developed countries. Might the word ‘coil’ tend to scare off potential users? It sounds like something mechanical that the doctor or nurse has to screw into you… There are ‘Practical tips’ to make insertions more comfortable. EXTREMES OF REPRODUCTIVE LIFE GENERAL Emergency contraception by copper is an order of magnitude more effective than any “morning after pill” – annoyingly, as it’s so much less convenient for both parties. EXTRAS & ODDITIES “EGRYPURB” is JG’s acronym to ensure unlicensed use of licensed products, where indicated by good evidence, is done in a fully GMC-approved way. “Most accidents are caused by humans – AND an awful lot of humans are still caused by accidents!” The future of contraception? “Would a male pill make a vas deferens?”
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