About us

Shubs Upadhyay, NHS Doctor

Maxwell Flitton, NHS ED Nurse, BSc physics

Hi! This exciting project started from Shubs' own frustrations trying to keep up to date as a GP for appraisals. We have worked together to come up with a site that makes it easy and free for GPs to search for educational and networking events, and in turn create a platform where Course Providers can promote their Events/Conferences direct to GPs. Shubs learned to code the front end through online HTML/CSS/Bootstrap tutorials, and Max used his experience in back end development to develop our database.

For now, we hope you enjoy using our site - we are striving to grow, improve and respond to your needs. If you have any feedback please do email us on the address provided below- we would love to hear from you.

Course/Event Providers - Please do contact us if you would like to promote your event on our site


Max blog - https://maxwellflitton.com/

Shubs blog - https://drshubsblog.wordpress.com/

We are both passionate about the role technology has in clinicians' lives, and would love to hear from clinicians with similar interests.